Working with Babies & Children


Craniosacral therapy is particularly beneficial for babies and children. Birth can be traumatic and this trauma can have long-term effects on the child's health and well-being.

The compression, stresses and strains that we undergo during the birth process can, if not resolved, influence the way our whole structure and personality develop. For instance, babies born by caesarian surgery, whether elective or emergency, can be prone to endocrine and adrenal problems due to the residual shock from this dramatic event. C-section babies can have more difficulty bonding with their parents and these problems with intimacy can continue into adulthood. If forceps or vacuum suction were used in the birth process, the soft bones of the baby's head can be distorted, leading to subsequent neurological conditions, learning and behavioral disorders. Spinal curvature and pelvic misalignment can be the result of a baby being restricted or twisted in the birth canal. The nerve centers that control the lungs are located in the back of the brain, and any compression to the head during birth can lead to respiratory problems.

These and many other birth issues can be addressed by a few treatments with a qualified Craniosacral therapist. If these issues are dealt with early on, better health and quality of life can be assured. Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy does not attempt to impose anything from the outside onto the child. The practitioner's focus is on what is happening in the child's system at that very moment. This precise perception, this attunement to what is, encourages the natural forces of health to reawaken. The result is a return to a more normal flow of energy, discharge of shock and trauma, a natural structural realignment and a much happier, healthier child.

Babies and children respond wonderfully to Craniosacral therapy and are a joy to work with. Being nearer to the source of life, they have fewer layers of conditioning. They are not so organized around emotional and physical compensations. If listened to with respect for their intelligence and needs, they will tell their birth and prebirth story with amazing clarity.

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is successfully used to treat the following conditions in babies and children:



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